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 duration: 29'35 year: 2016

audiocd noir  CD          Experimentation of acoustic vibrations resonances in water (exhibition "Vibration", 2016)

Vibraphonies de CEP, 19-05-2016", drawing by G o m è S vibraphonie

  •  ISWC: T-703.624.109.7

« Vibration » results from a joint work of the composer Charles-Edouard Platel and the sculptor Isabelle Garbil Fauve-Piot. The music is inspired by the internal resonance produced by the contemplation of the sculptures.

  1. Beginning [00:47]
  2. In-flux [04:53]
    From outside to inside, the sensitivity to the human and natural sound stimuli manifests as electrical flows across the synapses network within the brain. The thought goes from inside to outside and inversely, as a symetric swing around an equilibrium point. As suggested by the sculptures "Consciousness of the Being", open and balanced on their basis.
  3. Anima [05:17]
    Over his walk, Anima leads us in the heart of his vibrations.
  4. Universe, Earth an Fire [08:56]
    The electromagnetic vibrations of the Earth produce a song. Then we move closer to the intense heat of star clusters, or closer to the fire making the modelled ceramic matter crystalizes, then get colder.
  5. Vibraphonies [05:24]
    Different sound colors overlay and radiate, as wide and various textures shaping sound layers.
  6. Vitality [03:02]
    Colors brighten up, the rhythm goes faster and becomes an unifying dance.
  7. Tune [01:13]
    Pure sound and Piano play the Earth melody and bring us back to the begnning.

Sound material: resonances of the sculptures made of welded metallic segments, horse, vibrations of the Space recorded by the NASA, synthesizers, voices and instrumental sounds, thanks to the Ondolon tool.

 Conscience de l'êtrevibration

"Consciousness of the Being" and"Anima", Isabelle GARBIL FAUVE-PIOT, steel sculptures.

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