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Charles-Edouard Platel is French composer of electroacoustic music. Listening to his creations often invites us to link aural sensitivity and visual impressions.

His pieces are played in acousmatic concerts (loudspeaker orchestras) or during artistic events. He often composes music in collaboration with sculptors, painters, visual artists, photographers and choreographers.

He also makes experimental videos, transposing an approach similar to that of musique concrète for sound.

He was inspired first by contemporary composers but also by jazz and traditions. Starting with personal musical experiments on the margins of his previous job as an engineer, he then took the time to think about his own artistic approach. Focused on the listening process and seeking in the plurality of scientific, aesthetic and ontological points of view, he conceived a guiding thread for composing his music, producing concerts and thus constituting his repertoire.

Today, some major works such as "Coïncidence", "Anachronistic Poems", "Migration", "Vibration", "Water" and "The Wind" are to be listened to in order to explore the imaginary musical space of Charles-Edouard Platel.


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