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This book is intended primarily for those who are confused, even repelled by the contemporary music.
However, in Europe, America and throughout the world, the adventurers of the experimental, concrete, electroacoustic, modern or postmodern musics, as well as jazz, explore and bring into poetry immense new musical worlds.
We need appropriate landmarks to follow them, because the classical or popular musics do not prepare us for it. For example, we shall discover that the new sound spaces were already largely inhabited before their exploration and that their nature does not free anybody to do anything.
Referring to some fundamentals of the acoustics, the auditory perception, the communication and the knowledge, we offer a progression of steps and words to describe, analyze and also compose the music in the twenty-first century.
Now, let us open wide our ears and let us enter the imaginary musical space of Cage, Stockhausen, Schaeffer, Henry, Ferrari, Parmegiani, Bayle, Xenakis, Berio, Partch, Riley, Glass, Eno, Reich, Monk, Dolphy, Solal, Portal and the other artists not listed here, poets, artisans and broadcasters of the new musicology.
Charles-E Platel



TITRE: Musique imaginaire ISBN: 9788-2-9530118-0-7


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