couvliv ombreArticles about concrete and electroacoustic music.

At the origin of the approach, the book "Imaginary music".

This page tries to answer with simplicity to questions of listeners who discover the computer-made electro-acoustic music, for example when listening to my musical pieces.

  1.  Electro, acoustic or electro-acoustic music?
  2.  Acousmatic music
  3.  What does the computer do?
  4.  Point of view

Concrete music consists of composing extraordinary sounds from recorded sounds.

By ear and thanks to digital audio and electroacoustic devices, everyday sounds reveal textures and contours that astonish those who pay attention to them. Thus an unexpected sound universe and a whole artistic potential opens up to the imagination of musicians and listeners.

The perception of time during listening, which led to the design of the Randolon rhythm generator to compose the music for the thirteen "Anachronistic Poems", and then often to implement this approach for subsequent creations.

  1. Musical timeline
  2. Ana-chronology
  3. Examples