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 duration: 12'31 year: 2012

 audiocd noir CD

  • ISWC: T-702.956.109.1 Charles-Edouard Platel, composer


The woody taste of the multiple sounds of reeds leads to the presence of a mysterious forest animated by waves of trepidation of the trees, by choirs of birds and brushes by magic spirits.
Forest vibes increases clarinet and saxophone reed vibrations, chants birds uproars and spreads some melancholic modulations.

Sound material: the primary material is made of short sounds of saxophones, clarinets, trombone, voices and bird tweets. Thanks to Jean Paul Gauvin, an expert reed and mouthpiece maker, for his collaboration. 

"Forest vibes" was played in first public concert at Janvry during the Hélium artistic course in the vallée de Cheveuse, in October 2013.

forestvibesForêt de Biscarosse


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