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 duration: 36'00 year: 2014

ecouteHERITAGE - Retour aux sources (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Esprits lointains

ecouteHERITAGE - Glaou

ecouteHERITAGE - Océanie (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Récits (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Malinké (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Plein les oreilles (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Pilons et mailloches (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Pluie tropicale (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Le bal des Lobis (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Chansons (extrait)

ecouteHERITAGE - Retour au début (extrait)

  • ISWC: T-703.294.937.6 T-703.294.939.8 T-703.294.943.4 Charles-Edouard Platel, composer

This suite was composed to accompany an exhibition with the same name. Fot both the artists K-Rol and Catherine Seznec, art enables to identify cultural roots they differently inherit from.   They find in the primitive art the seeds that, like ligntings, go across centuries and history to directly feed their personal own creativities.

Although his music relies on a complex instrumentation, Charles-Edouard Platel's approach is also based upon the idea to start again from the beginning, before the civilized music, by connecting directy the hearing to the imaginary.  In Heritage, tropical regions traditional musics are mixed with natural sounds and electronic sounds made up for the installation.heritage

Sound material: digital sound synthesis, field recording performed by the author in Ivory Coast in 1971, sound excerpt from a  video by Leo Kuipers,  Les instruments du monde (sound library), excerpts from Youmonte of C.E.Platel.

K rol




Inside Catherine Seznec's suitcase:


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