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 duration: 30' année: 2015


  •  ISWC: T-703.441.967.7The Channel at Oye-Plage - photo C-E Platel 2006
  • This musical suite is the sound component of a painting/music synergy of C.E. Platel with the artist Srecko Boban, for an installation art project including paintings, sculptures and electroacoustic music.

    When carrying out this project in 2015, the dramatic news of the migrants' travel toward the European countries challenge the public opinion and the minds. Both the painter and the musician also feel that the hazardous stages of theses long trips, with failures, restarts and successes, may also affect themselves as anybody'story when he is in evolution or questioning in his own way.

    This musical suite five parts evoke some stages:

    1. Exode (6'24)
    2. In the ship's hold (6'47)
    3. Strangers (5'02)
    4. Struggle (6'18)
    5. Nostalgy (4'54)

    Sound material: concrete and spectral music made of re-worked noises, voices and instrumental sounds, thanks to the Ondolon tool.




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