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ecoute YOUMONTE - Songs - excerpt

ecoute YOUMONTE - The village - excerpt

ecoute YOUMONTE - Funerals - excerpt

ecoute YOUMONTE - Spirits - excerpt

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  • duration:19'50, year: 2009, ISWC: T-702.366.382.5

"Youmonte " is the result of a project that the author was patiently in expectation of the technical conditions favorable to the realization of which: exploit the quality of electronic music digital tools to honor the beauty of the music of the Lobi people. The author had discovered this music in 1971, while he was in mission of cultural cooperation in Western Africa, in villages around Bondoukou, Bouna, Doropo,
The songs of Lobis, accompanying the agricultural works and the religious rites, are supported by the  "Youlon ", a specific xylophone (or balafon), made of 14 blades of the medium/low register, coupled with resonators equipped with thin vibratory membranes.
The pentatonic melodies, the incantations and the endless rhythms of trance of the Lobi musics can remind us accents and atmosphere of the free-jazz, which, these years in western countries,  fascinated  jazz lovers, enthusiastic or horrified.
"Youmonte" is not a collection of ethnic recordings, although its structure bases on some sequences got by the author on the field.
 It is definitely an electronic work which addresses the imagination of the listener. It introduces him into the disturbing vastness of the bush, then invites him by the charm of songs to get involved in the peaceful activities of the village, before diving him in the paroxysm of an overexcited funeral night. If he recovers from this event, he will not escape to the still vague memories and to the appeal of the ghostly spirits.

Sound material: digital sound synthesis, vocoder, field recordings.

carteLobiThe first broadcasting was in May 2009 : "Funerals", part 4 of the suite "Youmonte", in the "Electromania" program, produced by the INA-GRM on France Musique radio.

The premiere in concert of the suite "Youmonté" was at festival Futura 2010 in Crest, played on the MOTUS acousmonium by Olivier Lamarche.





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