Listen in binaural stereo :

ecouteOVER THE CITY - Rumor (excerpt)

ecouteOVER THE CITY - Inside the factory (excerpt)

ecouteOVER THE CITY - at an inhabitant's (excerpt)

ecouteOVER THE CITY - At the market (excerpt)

ecouteOVER THE CITY - Conviviality (excerpt)


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audiocd noir  CD

  • duration: 24'19 ou 16'25, year: 2012, ISWC: T-702.956.106.8

Sound textures to wander over the dream small town woven by Cécile Dachary.fildelacite

Scene 1- rumor: when approaching toward the town, the indistinct rumor progressively becomes more detailed, such as sounds of the street and of passers-by.

Scene 2 - inside the factory: a polyphony of machines in continuous or repetitive processes.

Scene 3 - at an inhabitant's: attracted by notes from a piano, we introduce into the home of a collector of sound objects.

Scene 4 - at the market: the stallholders' shouts, like choruses in the music.

Scene 5 - conviviality: around the bridge: cafés, restaurants and street musics.

Sound material: synthesizers, original sound captures by the author, Apple Logic sound bank.

Other remixed sound sources:

  • Aporee, project for an interactive world sound mapping: field recording of the Saintes market (credit: Martin Hogg), and of the place Denfert-Rochereau McDo (credit: François-Emmanuel Fodéré).
  • The brass band "The Onions" at the "6H du jazz 2012" festival: "On the sunny side of the street".
  • ", C.E.Platel and Armando Ghidoni, 2010.
  • Intro of "Songs of Praise" (Cyril, Frank & Nicolas), radio show on Aligre FM 93.1 Paris.
  • "The Window of Dreams", C.E.Platel, 1984.
  • Coco Platel (barrel organ): "à la Bastille".

"Over the city" was played in a loop in public premiere at the Cécile Dachary's exhibition during the Hélium artistic course in the vallée de Cheveuse, in November 2012.

"Over the city, portrait of a dream small town" was played on the MOTUS acousmonium by Guillaume Contré at festival Futura 2013 in Crest.