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 duration: 10'37 year: 2008

ecouteO MY BUCOLIC VILLAGE - Presentation (in French)


audiocd noir  CD

  •  ISWC: T-702.330.365.5

"O fortunatos nimium sua si bona norint agricolas! "
By these words, 2045 years ago, the great poet  Virgil began his famous work "The Bucolics" .
The translation to English is:
"O happy countrymen, they do not know their luck!"

This sound mix makes perform birds of the Valley Lane, three dogs, a rooster and his hens, a mower, a Karcher cleaner, a cut-off machine, an helicopter, several cars and motorbikes, an Airbus, horses, a donkey, a sheep, the church bells.

Sound material: sound samples captured in several spots of the village of Les Molieres (Essonne, France), synthesizers, software instruments, musical saw.

First open air public concert, in the Les Molières village, June 21th 2008.




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