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 duration: 14'45 year: 2010 (new version 2023)

audiocd noir  CDtransmutSonagram of "Musicalité des sens" - (display MetaSynth TM,psi-software).

  • ISWC: T-702.575.410.5 Charles-Edouard Platel, composer

Encounter of the picture and the sound, the result of the collaboration between Charles-Edouard Platel and Béatrice Carré, digital artist.
The acousmatic music proposes an attitude of listening of sounds for themselves, without looking for their causes in words of instruments, voices or recorded noises. Today this music is essentially composed through digital tools, which look  like those of the graphic designers : the virtual synthesis, the spectral filtering and the mixing of the audio channels are similar to the morphing of images, to the chromatic filters and to the transparencies of the set of caches.
" Acousmatic Transmutations " proposes an intense moment of immersion in a sound universe directly inspired by four pictures of Béatrice Carré, particularly inspiring for imagination:

  1. Musicality of the senses
  2. In suspension
  3. Reminiscences
  4. The cycle of life

Sound material: digital sound synthesis using pictures as sonagrams, RSF Kobol analog synthesizer .See above: sonogram of "Musicality of the senses"  - (display MetaSynth TM,psi-software).

The first public concerts of "Acousmatic Transmutations" were performed in October 2010 at the " Maison des Bonheur", in Magny-les-Hameaux (78), inside the Béatrice Carré's works exhibition, for the Helium artistic course in the Vallée de Cheveuse.

The first broadcasting was in October 2011 : "Musicality of the senses", part 1 of the "Acousmatic Transmutations", in the "Electromania" program, produced by the INA-GRM on France Musique radio.

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Musicalité des sens en suspension Réminiscences cycle de la vie
  En suspension   Le cycle de la vie

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