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 duration: 8' year: 2007

audiocd noir  CD

  • ISWC: T-702.326.444.2

(Saws in sorrow)sawlogy

The musical saw, also called singing saw, lends particularly to evoke the melancholy: the elans of a sorry soul or a state of sublime meditation. On the contrary, working saws suggest rather the invigorating optimism of the workshop. The work " about the melancholy of saws " evokes the unexpected visit of a choir of musical saws to a quartet of "toothed" saws.

Sound material: musical saw, hacksaw, handsaw, electric circular saw, electric jigsaw, slapped spair blades.

"Sawlogy" was created as contribution for the "Open Work" of the IMEB "Synthese" festival in June 2005, on the theme of the melancholy.

"Sawlogy" got the Honory Mention of the Musica Nova competition (Prague) in December 2007.





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