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 duration: 43'30 year: 2017

 audiocd noir  CD

  • ISWC: T-703.725.355.9 Charles-Edouard Platel, composer

SYMPHONY THE FOREST takes the listener into a world of sound where he will be surrounded by nature: the wind in the trees, the birds, the echoes that continue, the diverse sounds of small animals and life on the ground and ponds. He will make his way with the characters he met: the poet and his companions, the dancer "Vivacité", the mare "Anima".

Music accompanies the poet's words. Composed according to a poem rhythm, its "anachronistic" phrasing alternates between the probable and the unexpected, the rhythmic and the uncertain, repetition and silence. The sounds of human voices and nature are also shaped by recorded or imagined exotic sounds, sculpted by manipulations of concrete music and electronic transmutations.

Originally SYMPHONY THE FOREST was created to produce the sound universe of "La forêt dévoilée", an exhibition during the month of May 2017 at the Pôle Culturel La Lanterne in Rambouillet, bringing together the works of Véronique Arnault (painter), Jean-Claude Bugny (photographer), Isabelle Garbil Fauve-Piot (sculptor), the exhibition space resonating with Hervé Martin's texts, spoken by the poet and by actors from the dramatic art class of the Rambouillet Conservatory. Thanks to a multiphonic audio system, the different parts of the musical work were broadcast in the volume of the room according to the exhibition layout.

The version for spatialized electroacoustic concert was played in the church of Saint Clair in Gometz-le-Châtel on October 12, 2019.

1. Lisière (Border, 2’24)
2. Danse de la Vivacité (Dance of Vivacity, 3’19)
3. Chemins en forêt (Paths in the forest, 7’53)]
4. Danse de la Vivacité (Dance of Vivacity, 2’02)
5. Rencontres et disparitions (Encounters and disappearances, 11’23)
6. Danse de la Vivacité (Dance of Vivacity, 2’07)
7. Rhapsodie de la forêt (Rhapsody of the forest, 14’00)

Sound material: voice, nature sound recording, digital sound synthesis.

 bugny web

Jean-Claude Bugny:


 solitude3 web

Véronique Arnault:
"Solitude3-10", painting.

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Isabelle Garbil Fauve-Piot:
"I am the forest', steel sculpture.

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