ecoute LA FORET - part 1: Lisière ("border", excerpt)

  • duration: 43'30, year: 2017, ISWC: T-703.725.355.9

Sound texture for the exhibition « La forêt dévoilée » , may 2017, Pôle culturel La Lanterne, Rambouillet.

To accompany the encounter of the works of Véronique Arnault (painter), Jean-Claude Bugny (photographer), Isabelle Garbil Fauve-Piot (sculptor), the exhibition hall sounds with Hervé Martin's texts, said by the poet and by actors.
Inspired by sculptures, pictures, paintings and poems, Charles-Edouard Platel created the  « Symphony The Forest » by composing and modeling human voices, natural sounds, concrete music, dancing melodies and vibrations. Thanks to a multiphonic audio system, the different parts of the musical work are played across the volume of the hall according to the exhibition layout.

1. Lisière (Border, 2’24)2. Danse de la Vivacité (Dance of Vivacity, 3’19)
3. Chemins en forêt (Paths in the forest, 7’53)]
4. Danse de la Vivacité (Dance of Vivacity, 2’02)
5. Rencontres et disparitions (Encounters and disappearances, 11’23)
6. Danse de la Vivacité (Dance of Vivacity, 2’07)
7. Rhapsodie de la forêt (Rhapsody of the forest, 14’00)

Sound material: voice, nature sound recording, digital sound synthesis.

 bugny web

Jean-Claude Bugny:


 solitude3 web

Véronique Arnault:
"Solitude3-10", painting.

 jslf web

Isabelle Garbil Fauve-Piot:
"I am the forest', steel sculpture.