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 duration: 8'45 year: 2014

ecouteTHE CLEAR FOUNTAIN - So clear water

ecouteTHE CLEAR FOUNTAIN - Walk my way

  •  ISWC: T-703.217.423.7 Charles-Edouard Platel, composer


Musical musing in two parts inspired by the fresh and quiet water. The title hints at a popular traditional French song in France and in Quebec.

Endless reverberations of tinkling bells open the first part, "so clear water", which develops the words " I found the water so beautiful that I bathed " in repetitive motives.

The second part, " walk my way ", is carried by the slow modulations of bass waves triggered by the exclamation " lake! ", as oar strokes spread long undulations of the water while leading the boat to the peaceful shore.

This music of Charles-Edouard Platel was created on May 1st, 2014 as a supplement to "where do they come from, where they go " for the artistic installation " where do they go all these people? ".

Sound material: digital synthesizers, bell of church, words of the song " At the clear fountain " (thanks to my friends having lent their voices).


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