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This document is an appendix to the Credits and Legal Information document. IMAGIMUSE.NET reserves the right to modify at any time and at his own discretion the present general conditions of use and sale (CGUV). It concerns downloads from the present website htpps;//, knowing that part of the catalogue can also be downloaded via general platforms: Applemusic, Deezer, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc,... which have their own customer relations policies.

Use of data by the Customer:

IMAGIMUSE.NET makes available to the non-professional public an offer for the definitive downloading of audio or video files of electroacoustic musical works composed by Charles-Edouard Platel, who owns the intellectual property.


These downloads are intended, without limitation restricted by DRM, for the Customer's private use of this service.  The Customer expressly agrees not to make any public, commercial or illegal use of the content provided, under penalty of civicl or personal liability. He also agrees not to take advantage of his private use to generate extracts (samples) incorporated in public use or commercial products without a specific and prior agreement with Charles-Edouard Platel or his assigns...

Professional and institutional Clients and users of music must declare to SACEM their use of these works and pay the corresponding invoices.

The download offer is available without interruption, except in case of failure of the Internet network or the hosting server, in case of maintenance operation making the site temporarily unavailable, in case of unavailability of the Paypal service, in case of permanent shutdown of the IMAGIMUSE.NET site by its owner.

Each Customer having purchased musical recordings via the IMAGIMUSE.NET definitive download offer is deemed to have downloaded and saved said recordings on a personal computer medium. IMAGIMUSE.NET cannot be held responsible for any loss of files downloaded via this site. Likewise, the Customer is deemed to have the hardware and software technically compatible with the format of the transferred files.

IMAGIMUSE.NET Customer - Supplier relationship

The Customer of the Service is not required to create an account on this website that can host personal data. The Customer is only identified and reachable via the email address he communicated through the Paypal transaction.

In the event of a technical problem with a file that has just been transferred to the Customer, the Customer is invited to join IMAGIMUSE.NET, via this site contact form.

IMAGIMUSE.NET's responsibility can only be engaged up to the amount of its obligation to deliver the file in compliance. In this respect, this liability will be limited to the price of the order made by the Customer.



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