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Lurs players - Copenhagen - photo CEP 2010

The Charles-Edouard Platel's Imagimuse albums have the following statement: "Virtual Spatialization by Binaural Process". What does this sentence mean?

cep2AUTHOR: Charles-Edouard Platel composer of electroacoustic music.

ABSTRACT: Virtual spatialization by binaural process uses the properties of human hearing for optimal stereophonic listening.

NOTE: This article does not deal with the binaural technique of psychic stimulation by oscillations close to the cervical waves (around 10Hz), thanks to a phenomenon of beating of acoustic frequencies perceived separately by the two ears.

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  1. La spatialisation
  2. Précisions de vocabulaire
  3. Techniques de spatialisation
  4. Quel est l'avantage du procédé binaural
  5. Annexe technique


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