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Spatialized electroacoustic musical works.

After downloading:

  1. you can listen to the music or watch the videos on your computer;
  2. if you have an audiophile or hi-fi listening system, copy the downloaded .flac or .mp4 file to a USB stick or multimedia disc that you can connect to your DVD-CD player or your stereo or 5.1 surround sound system. The FLAC digital audio format guarantees the full quality of the digital audio signal..
  3. as a precaution, also save the files to your backup disk;
  4. you can make copies of files for private use without DRM limitations.

If you want to test it before, you can download this small free test file.. download

How to purchase?

Choose the audio file(s) you wish to acquire from the catalog or the preview of a particular work. To complete the purchase and download the items in your shopping cart:

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