Independent composer of electroacoustic music.

"Firstly listener interested in classical, electronic, traditional folk music and jazz, I also desired to make music.

I choosed the electroacoustic sound, a newly opened way that could transform the skills acquired from my former engineer experience into assets for my musical creation.

Concretely, I studied, experimented and recorded my first pieces in the 1980’s. I used analog synthesizers and sounds recorded on magnetic tapes, cut and sticked by small bits. Then the digital audio home studio enabled a better precision, to design tools to work on sounds and also to integrate video pictures into the composition. I established my experience by self-learning, in capitalizing my work notes and taking inspiration from the European and American musical creation pioneers.

Beyond the pleasure to create, I desired to share my creations with a public even not used or non receptive to the contemporary or acousmatic repertoire. After hesitations about the choices of style, I definitely developed my own method to guide my researches and my achievements across the ocean of possible sounds. Studying my listening process and the one of my future listeners seemed a good thread, because the multiple sides of the audition require multidisciplinary scientific, aesthetic and ontologic points of view. In 2007 I published my « Imaginary Music » essay, which summarizes my know-how at the time, and a CD album of my first pieces, with encouraging feedbacks,  including from the IMEB at Bourges and Musica Nova at Prague.

On that way I was surprised by the links between our auditive, visual and even tactile representations. So I involved myself in project associating other artists: painters, sculptors, photographers, plastic artists, dancers, poets. Beyond formal analogies, such a collaboration brings to me the amazing opportunity to understand the imaginary of another creator almost without noise and without talking, then, by imitation of his art, to transpose his visions into the music, which furtherly inspires him in feedback. Although I essentially express myself through the musical time dimension, I am conscious of the multiple dimensions of the senses and the imagination.

My today catalogue includes around forty works. I play them in spatialized acousmatic concerts, at two or three dates a year. Several pieces are played in loop, integrated by artists that wish them in their exhibitions. I produced seven CD albums, on the occasion quoted by the producers of « Electromania », « Epsilonia », « Song of Praise » radioshows. Thanks to these passers, and also to the MOTUS musical company, interpreting my works on acousmonium on the 2010, 2013 and 2015 Futura Festivals, « En chair et en son » in 2015  and in Paris en 2016.

My challenge is not to fulfil the music with my feeling, but to produce a music where the listener can find a space that echoes to his own feelings.

Each work of mines calls for the imaginary, to lead each listener to the folded layers of his own reminiscences, memories and fantasies. But each one also has its own story that I personally lived and that I propose to discover in this site."

C.E. Platel, August 2017.