Independent composer of electroacoustic music.

"Listener interested in jazz, classical, minimalism, electronic or traditional folk musics, and curious to invent in exploring the sounds, I choosed the electroacoustic devices as instruments for my own music. I make sounds and variations in digital lab, in order to explore artistic ideas which come up from this. Then I share this experience in producing musical works, to be listened in concerts or on disc, to accompany other artists, or simply for entertainment.

Starting from photography, the visual experience often inspires my projects, which along the time dimension animate an imaginary space where the matter, the objects, landscapes and characters are sounds.Furthermore, cooperating with visual artists, they provide me with wonderful opportunities to capture the imaginary without sound and explanation words, then, by imitating their works, to transpose their representations to the musical world.

My ideas are gathered by my book “Imaginary Music”, which identifies the listener as the prime object of the musical process, according to his capacity to listen, to be interested and to concern himself. In the essence more than in the style, I am rather influenced by jazz, that seems to me an evident source of inspiration for the music of our times, an example of liberty and a source of warmth. So the approach which is revealed by the evolution of my works is to musically invent with the sounds presence, colour and rhythm. I feel like in an exciting exploration.

My challenge is not to express my feelings through the music, but to create a music where the listener can find echo to his own feelings. Each work of mines calls for the imaginary, to lead each listener to the folded layers of his own reminiscences, memories and fantasies. But each one also has its own story that I personally lived and that I propose to discover in this site."