Charles-Edouard Platel, composer

Statement, biography and achievements.

Independent composer of electroacoustic music.

"Listener interested in jazz, classical, minimalism, electronic or traditional folk musics, and curious to invent in exploring the sounds, I choosed the electroacoustic devices as instruments for my own music. I make sounds and variations in digital lab, in order to explore artistic ideas which come up from this. Then I share this experience in producing musical works, to be listened in concerts or on disc, to accompany other artists, or simply for entertainment.

The artistic route of Charles-Edouard Platel has for origin a passion for the electroacoustic music, while he formerly exercised his engineer job. His composer's approach was methodically developped through self-leaning by listening and experience feedback.

In 2007, Charles-Edouard Platel updates and launches « Musique Imaginaire» as a printed book, including numerous pictures illustrative of similarities between sounds and visuals. The free access to the book through the "imagimuse" website is kept. It is daily visited by several francophone net-surfers.

His catalogue includes both works for concerts and musics for artistic exhibitions. So he cooperated with painters Rui Prazeres, Srecko Boban and Gomès, plastic artists Beatrice Carré, Cecile Dachary, K-rol Cordier and Catherine Seznec, the photographer Michel Di Maggio, the sculptor Isabelle Fauve-Piot. He also composed several recreational, pedagogic or funny pieces and a few videos.

As of today's date, he produced seven CD albums: IMAGIMUSE / 1 in 2008, IMAGIMUSE / 2 in 2009, IMAGIMUSE / 3 - Anachronistic poems in 2011, IMAGIMUSE / 4 - Unheard destinations in 2013,  MIGRATION in 2015, VIBRATION in 2016 and SABLES in 2017.